The Importance of Taking Care of You

Nov 24, 2017

I see it all the time!  Mom's who come in run down, tired, frumpy, unhappy, unfulfilled and achy!  Why? Often because we take care of ourselves last.  We are quick to make sure our kids are in extracurricular activities, take their supplements, have a healthy lunch to take to school, and on and on.  But, when it comes to ourselves- Not so much!

When is the last time you signed up for an activity outside of work or your household?

Do you pack a healthy and nutritious lunch for yourself?

Do make sure you are getting to bed on time?

Think of your family as a business, and you are the CEO.  Who is going to make the best decisions for your family?  A tired, unhappy, autopilot CEO or a vibrant, happy, energized, present CEO?  I think we all know the answer.

Your family is counting on you to make the best decisions and to be there.  You can only do that when you are at the top of your game.  That is why it is essential for you to take care of you!

A few things I do to ensure self-care are: I schedule in bathtime at night or meditation in the morning.  I book in for yoga every week and pay in advance so that I have to show up.  I plan the meals for the week on Sunday, including what I am going to have for lunch so that I can stay healthy and nourished. I try not to multi-task ( which is a whole other topic) so that I can be present.

What are you going to do to take care of you?

Lots of love

Dr. Michelle