Ergonomic assessments help identify the improper work area setup, and improper use of tools, which can result in the development of work-related stress and strain.


These assessments can help with:

  • Reduced Risk of Workplace Injuries:
  • Reduce Time Off Work
  • Improves Employee Efficiency
  • Workspace Optimization Strategies
  • Reduces Long Term Injury Exposure Which Affects Work Output.
  • Helps Improve Employee-Employer Work Relationship.
  • Maintenance of Good Posture.
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve worker mental health

What makes me unique?

As a chiropractor for over 18 years, I have spent 1000's of hours looking at people's function and posture. This gives me a unique perspective to look at your ergonomics.  When I do an assessment, I look at 4 key areas. Firstly, what is your posture like? Secondly, What is your environment like? Thirdly, how do you function in the space and finally how is your environment affecting the rest of your body?

What will you get?

You will get:

A consultation, review of your work area, and recommendations for proper setup and injury prevention.






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