Gratitude Journal | Giving Thanks - A Children’s Guide to Gratitude

The #1 thing you can do is to help your child develop the habit of daily gratitude.

Daily GRATITUDE can help change everything.

Children are faced with more social pressures and stress than ever before. It has forced me as a parent to focus on what we can control.  As a mom of 4, I’ve experienced firsthand how teaching your kids how to focus on the positive in their reactions, choices and interactions can help them become more confident, happier and healthier. That’s why I created the Giving Thanks Gratitude Journal for Kids. It gives kids the tools they need to build a habit and attitude of gratitude in their daily life. My hope is that you’ll see the same positive results I did with my family…better grades, greater connection, improved communication, stronger coping skills and a healthier, happier outlook on life.  I can’t wait to look back at these journals in the future to see what excited them and made them happy at different stages of their life. It is like a little window into their mind that you can keep forever.



Children & Gratitude

A guide that helps your children develop the habit of daily gratitude leading to improved quality of life, career, and relationships.

Kids today undergo more stress than ever before. That can lead to anxiety, loss of confidence, and physical and emotional problems. By teaching our kids how to focus on the positive in their reactions, choices, and interactions, we can help them become more confident, happier and healthier. My Gratitude Journal program gives kids the tools they need to build an attitude of gratitude in their daily life. The results…better grades, improved communication, stronger coping skills and a healthier, happier outlook on life.

Why is it important to instill gratitude in children?

WHY this Journal?

Research shows that children who participate in gratitude exercises demonstrate more pro-social behaviour or kindness toward others, they to do better at school and get better marks, they are more resilient to stress, they have a higher self-worth, they are healthier with a stronger immune system and much more.

Today our children are exposed to a constant influx on social media, chats, and “likes” or "unlikes". Some of this can be negative and have them start to question themselves. This, in turn, can lead to poor self-esteem and unhappy feelings. It is our responsibility as parents to guide our children thru this journey and empower them with tools to help them navigate the ups and downs of life. One way to help them is to teach them the habit of daily gratitude.

This book is a guide to help you have conversations with your children about giving thanks. A place that they can journal and focus on the positive in their life. This is a sacred time with your child each day to connect, listen and understand them on an intimate level. Each day there is a place to put the date, what they are grateful for and a question to use to think about something specific to be thankful for. There is also an empty place to paste a picture, a photo, a cut-out, or to draw a picture for your child to colour or space for them to colour themselves. For the older child, it may be a place to write more about the day. Be creative. Make it FUN. Make it a special time for you and your child.

Just imagine if you did this each new year. Imagine the collection of thoughts and ideas you would have about your child thru different stages and growth. What a collection of memories to look back on.


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Giving thanks can make you happier

Raising Children With an Attitude of Gratitude

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Brightening the Mind: The Impact of Practicing Gratitude on Focus and Resilience in Learning

More Research

I purchased this cute gratitude journal for my son. There are so many benefits of practicing gratitude and we have so many things in our life to be thankful for and I wanted to teach him to appreciate the world around us. He loves to draw and colour so it is the perfect way for him to express being thankful through art. It has now become a part of our morning and bedtime routine. This is also a beautiful gift for any family or friends with children.

- Mandy Foster

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